The Bump in the Night

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spirit Pets Play Together in the Afterlife

A couple of young women came for a visit with me to talk on a couple of different topics.  They came together to give each other support since they had never talked to a psychic medium before.
Minutes before they came I had a sense one of them was under either stress or experiencing grief.  I see both situations represented by a gray-colored smoke-looking energy circling the person’s body. 
As usual, cookies and water was put out for them when they arrived.  Hearing their car doors open and close, I opened the front door and sure enough saw the shorter of the two ladies had grayness surrounding her body.  Ok, she is the one.  I’ll need to sort out the problem.
I briefly talked to them, had them laughing at a couple of my stories to relax them and started talking to the taller lady.  Talking to her and answering her questions easily satisfied both of them.  Asking again if she had any more questions she said she was done and turned my attention to the shorter lady with the grayness around her.
We started her session with me mentioning that she had some family questions and wanting to know about a deceased relative.  That deceased relative did come to us and satisfied her wanting to know how she was doing.  Talking of children and her husband we finished her questions and we paused.
Then I asked her, “Are you seriously grieving the relative you lost just over a year ago?”  She replied, “Well no, I am at peace with her passing.”  I described how I had thought of her before she came and did notice the grief surrounding her body and it was still there as we sat.  I asked who else she had lost; she looked straight ahead as in thinking about my question.  The taller lady looked at her and almost yelled, “What about Bear?”  The shorter lady looked stunned!  Her eyes reddened and she was speechless.  The friend told me of her friend’s life, 15 years earlier after her divorce she purchased a puppy, they had greats years together and then he had died a year ago.  She was still profoundly grieving her companion! 
She asked about him and what he was doing.  I described a dog I was viewing and she confirmed yes that was him, and asked, “Where is he?”  I said he was not in the room with us, but at a front or back yard with a long hedge running along the left side of the property line.  It appears that he is digging holes all around that yard, but particularly at the end of the hedge toward the back property line. 
The dog had a sense of me and started digging at the end of the hedge and then turning around and around and playfully barking at a group of other small animals.  All this activity was being done at the end of the hedge area at the end of the property.  
Both ladies were squirming around in their chairs and getting excited with my answers.  Both ladies were talking at once.  Bear had been an active digger and particularly liked to sleep in the hedge area just as I described.  Out the back door to the left the full length of the property, where the shorter lady still lived. 
Then the shorter lady added, “We buried him at the end of that hedge at the back of the property.  We also buried all our other deceased small pets in the same corner!” 
Bear was playing with the three other smaller spirit pets that she had lost in the years living at this house! 
Needless to say even I was surprised!  This is the first time in all these years working as a psychic medium consultant that I described the pets who are deceased, dying years apart, yet still connected!   It is so comforting to think we can have our pets enjoy their home after death, but even more surprising they can continue to play together in the same location in their yard. 
What a joyous revelation!  Thank you Bear for getting your owner here today to talk to me and assist her to recover from losing you and happy that she truly never lost you.  

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