The Bump in the Night

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In a Coma or Dead, He came to Her

A woman in her 40’s came to visit and to ask about her career change and possible love relationship in her near future. 
As we sat down she mentioned how very happy and grateful she was, that she had a good job opportunity for a change of location and security.  She had recently moved from central California to Tucson Arizona six months ago.  So I gave her what I picked up and she was grateful.
There had been sadness in her immediate family and we were able to settle a couple of unfinished issues with some relatives.  I let her know a couple of spirit people where here with her and I described them visually to her. 
She sat back feeling good with the information and more secure with the choice to move and start a new life.  She gave a sigh.
As she sighed, a new spirit came into the room.  I was surprised that this man showed me his legs!  I thought, “Wow, he was a really thick muscled individual.”  The spirit man said, “Look at my big caves!”  Really?  Realizing that this man was meant for her I told her, “That he had these larger caves, not too tall and with an almost black shirt.”   He said he was a thicker man all over.  I saw his head but could not see any hair. 
I described him as a “huggy-built" man, dark to almost black shirt, around 5’9” in height.  She went a little pale, eyes got a blank look.  She said, “Is this a dead man?” 
Gosh, I assume this is a “dead” man.  Usually spirits who visit me are dead.
She signed again, and then admitted to me that one reason she transferred to Tucson was to move away for her “past”.  She told me of a bad relationship with a man who mentally controlled her, while getting her to support him. 
She just learned that this man moved also out of state to Alaska.  Just a week ago she learned the man had suffered a stroke three months back.  Someone she is acquainted with and knows this “ex” had just told her that for the last two weeks he had been trying to connect with him on Facebook.  He had been corresponding on a regular basis and then nothing.
“That is amazing!” I said to her. 
“Clearly this man has recently died and is visiting us and saying goodbye.  Letting you know he is now in spirit.”
As perplexed as she could possibly be, she said she did not want him to be here or to follow her around.  She was done with him in life and wanted to be done with him now, especially if he was dead!
Carefully I asked, “So your mutual friend told you that he had recovered enough from first stroke to get back on Facebook?  Then you believe two weeks ago, he had a second stoke?  And that is why, this mutual friend then could not touch base with him?”
She was anxious to find out and asked to end the session to make some calls.  Later that day, after I had looked at his Facebook page and saw that nothing else had been sent off from him, I accessed the Obituary of his area and I found nothing.
I called her the next day and talked to her again.  She was not able to find time to research further.  She did make the comment that more than likely he had not worked, was a hermit type of person and possibly if he did pass no large notice would have been made.
She noted again, that all the descriptions and the way he talked through me sounded just like him.  She then added that he had a shaved head that is why I could not see hair. 
“How would you like this blog to end?”  I asked her.  A pause and then I added.  “I do believe that people who are in a coma can come to visit or say ‘good by’ before death.  I had seen this several times in all these years.  This is a question not often asked of me, but clearly a natural process.” 
She added that she does believe this is him, but wants to be reserved not to absolutely declare him dead as though it could create negative Karma.  She feels it is also possible that he could be in a coma.  The bottom line is that he did appear and we both got the impression that he was ‘soft’ toward her and not in a ghost-haunting spirit way.  A ‘soft’ impression gives me the thought that he was kind towards her, another term could be ‘forgive me’.  Yes, a big assumption, yet he did love her but mistreated her.  Now in spirit he wanted to let her know he was sorry.
How is it that this spirit knew to show on the day this lady scheduled a session with me, on her particular day off from work?  Well, her other relatives also came for a visit so they knew also.  She had wanted to know they were in her life, but she had not thought of him for months so clearly she had not invited him to show up during her session. 
My thoughts are this, at the time of his first stroke; he might have left his body and looked for her to say "good by".  At the time of his second stroke, and possible death he might have impressed upon her to find someone who would recognize him and give her a message.
In a future blog, after we are able to confirm out what has happened to him, I will let you know.

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