The Bump in the Night

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Ghost and the Laughing Moose

My birthday was April 30th and I was very sick with a cold.  Normally Larry would take me out for a Birthday Dinner and unfortunately I was too sick to go out for a celebration dinner. I surrendered to my illness and found some hot soup and a warm “blanket” to stop the world and heal.

A couple of days later my husband made a trip to the local airport.  Walking around he noticed a gift store, curious he walked in to browse.  Piled high in the entrance were these adorable stuff animals, one of which was a silly faced moose.  These “Chuckle Buddies” are motion activated for a rolling and laughing fit of happiness.  Knowing how bad I was still feeling, Larry thought of a chuckle for me and purchased this silly fun gift.

Bringing “the moose” home, Larry removed it from its box and laid it down on the hardwood floor in front of the kitchen area.  Larry called my name; I came out of my office, walked down the hall and right in front of the motion activation light. I almost jumped out of my skin, as this funny looking moose starts rolling around the floor and just laughing a hilarious roar over and over!  

After catching my breath and the moose stopped laughing, I walked in front of it several more times to make it laugh and laugh.  By this time, Larry and I are laughing as loud as this silly moose!

This silly moose had rolled into our enclosed kitchen area and was able to laugh its way around the kitchen island.  For the next several days we allowed ourselves to forget where it would continually walk in front of it.  In my office I can hear the mouse laugh when Larry walked in front of it and then I hear Larry start laughing also!  And then when I walked in front of it and start laughing Larry would come join me in the kitchen. 

Around a week later, in the later afternoon, I am in my office and I hear the moose start laughing.  I get up and walk into the hall to watch if Larry will start to laugh.  To my amazement Larry is in the hallway with a finger crossing across his mouth.  I am puzzled, I stand still and the moose then stops laughing.

As I look puzzled at Larry, he puts up his hand for me to not walk or move and then to my amazement the moose (out-of-sight from us) starts laughing and twirling on the floor!

Where we are standing is in the hallway away from the entrance to the kitchen.  The mouse is between the Island and the refrigerator and sink, laughing and rolling all on its own.

Larry has been aware that I have had several observations of a spirit woman walking around the house.  The original owner of this house was the land owner of this 600+ housing subdivision and at 90 years old and as a reward to herself she specially designed this house to live in.  The design is why we bought this house as it has several extra-large rooms, for my office and Larry’s TV Cabinets and furniture. 

I was told by my neighbor, Betty, who has lived in her house since the original owner moved into this one, that the description of this spirit lady and the 90 year old first owner is the same.  She lived here for four years, moved to a “retirement complex” and passed away two years later at 96 years old.  Though I had seen her, and she must have loved this house, she never acknowledged me or I thought so.

After asking Larry exactly where the moose was, I leaned into the kitchen and asked, “Are you the lady who built this house?”  As soon as I said that the moose started rolling around and laughing! 

Larry and I looked at each other and just smiled!

I asked again, “Is it ok if we live here with you?”  Just as soon as I was able to ask, the moose started laughing and twirling around! 

Again, so amazed!  Over this last week, while Larry has been at work, the moose, whether in the hallway or in the kitchen kept on laughing and twirling around all by itself.  This so amused me!  There are no windows that any shadows could make the moose just take off.  Clearly, my spirit lady is so enjoying her new toy!