The Bump in the Night

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Psychic Fair, Ghost Lecture and the ‘Ghost Dog Ret’

This past Sunday Sept 26th, I was a participant in the Tucson Psychic Fair.  Always seems like a lot of work preparing all the flyers to take, making sure that once there I have brought a sample of different CD and DVD’s, enough books, tape recorder, materials for my talk, etc.  Once to the event I calm down and actually enjoy giving a talk and talking to clients.  My talk this past Sunday was scheduled for 2 PM and around 16 people originally sat down to listen, half way through four women walked in and stood in the back of the room to listen.  I invited them to sit down, and they would have had to break up being together, so they declined.
I love the topic, “Do you know your resident Ghost?” I can cover with the audience many different aspects of Ghost visitations.  This was to be the title of my Ghost book, which I recently changed to “Ghosts, Should We Be Afraid?”
I always ask at the beginning of a talk who, in the audience, believes they have a Ghost in their home.  Five ladies immediately raised their hands.  I acknowledged them and numbered them one through five, to talk to them in order of acknowledgement. 
Great talk that day, all sorts of ghost information.  After my intro I addressed the 1st lady who raised her hand that the ghost man in her house said he was her father and after describing him she became excited as I had given his exact look.  The 2nd lady had a much different home environment, as I saw lots and lots of orbs and described why her house was so active.  She admitted to being very psychic and actually wondered if she had invited them to live with her family.  The 3rd lady bought a house which had been built close to a ranch and Indian settlement; so, in addition to deceased family I saw an “old cowboy and several Indians!”  “Wow” I exclaimed how many did she see?  She was actively seeing the old cowhand daily, had to tell him to stop smoking in her house as she was sensitive to the continual smoke smell.  She was enjoying the fact that the old cowboy sat down with her at night to watch TV.  I suspect that this old gent was amused by her large color TV and television shows.  How fun is that to have ‘ghosts’ watch TV with you!  
Now you may wonder what I picked up about this old cowhand, and when she talked of him, she was soft and clearly enjoyed him.  When I moved my mind to him, the feeling of liking her and of being lonely he sought somewhere he’d feel welcome and he chose her house.  He is what I’d call a “Transitory Spirit” someone who is not a trapped ghost, but a spirit who chooses not to be part of Spirit Land, but of our dimensional space and so he just travels until he decides to stay put for a while. 
So, don’t you also wonder who watches TV with you at night?
I talked with the audience for a few more minutes and as I decided to talk to lady #4, I glanced up to the four women friends standing at the end of the room.  I did not recognize any of them, but did notice that the lady on the right side had a large hairy dog standing right in front of her.  Puzzled, I began to address that woman and just then they began to turn to leave and one waved to me that they were done listening and were going to the event inside the banquet hall.  I was slightly disappointed, not that they were leaving since they had been standing for over a half hour, but that I had wanted to ask about this big dog.   We often talk about deceased family, but rarely do we ask about our deceased pets and wanted to address the group about this dog I had seen.  The talk continued for another 20 minutes and announced that I wanted to pass out free my first book and that my husband would do so.  I thank the group again and headed back to my table to finish up the last hour of the event talking to clients. 
Unknown to me these ladies had gone to my table and signed up to each have a session with me, as I sat down one of the ladies walked up to the table.  I’d like to admit here that I did not have my glasses on.  I rarely wear my glasses during a talk, as it feels uncomfortable.  Perhaps an energy issue, I may never know.  Anyway, the same ‘body shaped’ lady with the dog standing in front of her whom I had seen in the talk was the same lady walking up to my table first.  Not thinking how she would react, I waved to her and said, “Oh, you are the lady with the dog!”   Well, she was not aware that I had seen the dog in the talk, but as she walked to me that dog was right with her!  Her name is “Lisa” and she asked if I remember her from the spring event four months earlier, as she had talked about her deceased dog, “Ret”. 
I wish I could remember all the wonderful new friends that visit me at these events, but unfortunately unless I see you each time, faces become a blur.  So I gently told her I vaguely remember her story of a deceased dog, which I remember, a circumstance of a similar story as hers.
She had after the last event told her friends about me and they had decided to come and all of these ladies have lost a precious pet or pets, both dogs and cats.
Lisa and I talked of her deceased pets and she was quite satisfied that the loss of her five cats over the last three years some were still in her life and a couple were ‘elsewhere.’
Then she started to talk about ‘Ret’ clearly she missed him the most and was getting very emotional.  She was amazed that he was there with her.  I asked why would this be such a mystery, when she had just shared with me that as she was leaving the house she invited him by calling out his name, “Ret let us go and visit that lady again (meaning me).”  Clearly he jumped into the car when she opened the side door and then she went to the driver side and got in.   I went on to explain that when he was alive she treated him as part of her human family, he did not see himself as part of a dog pack.  He had never left her after his passing as he considered still existing in her world as his “heaven”. 
One of my first experiences with ‘ghost pets’ was during a cemetery tour at 10th and Broadway, in Sacramento CA when I saw a ghost dog walking alone side his master at the front of a group of tour participants.  This small dog was right at the knees of his master, the man clearly not aware as his dog was walking in such an excited mode of a ‘walk with his master’.  Later in the tour with a few minutes to spare before walking to the next location, I asked this man if he had lost a small Whippet breed looking dog.  The man’s wife gasped and he gave a very blank look, the wife nudged him and thank me for giving them such great news that their beloved pet was still with them.  Clearly, that was the reason they came that night to see if I would acknowledge their secret desire to have their pet seen.
Our beloved pets will stay with you after their passing, if you treat them as part of your family.  If you treat them as they are part of a ‘dog pack with others in your home’ they may not acquire a human connection.  Once they do, they will remain and live in your home.
A friend of mine, whom I shared Lisa’s story, told me that she often walked a friend’s dog along with her dogs in the evening.  After the sudden death of this dog, and on several evening walks she had a sense of this dog brushing up against her leg wanting to be acknowledge.  She talked to me and I conferred that he was with her, she now calls out his name and off they now all walk! 
How many of you had heard the toe nail tapings of your deceased pet running down the hallway?  Another client was sharing with me that she could hear her deceased dog barking in the kitchen low and soft, distantly his voice.  As with human voices, dogs have their own sound and if you have several and one starts barking removed from your visual, you’ll know which one is the barker.
This was a successful Ghost Talk and Fair Event, because I had so many great ghost stories and emotional stories of beloved ‘Ghost Pets’ still in their owner’s lives.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Spirit Visitation

I am sitting, quiet
Quiet that can be felt
A mild breeze coming from a slightly opened window
It touches my arm
Could anyone tell how calm I am
Can anyone hear how calm I am
I am listening and waiting
A feeling of wanting is what I am
I’ve said ‘Mom’ and I am quiet
I am quiet and I am calm and waiting
The breeze is stronger and I am calm
My memory allows me to smell her
She had her life, and I had my life
But I miss her in my life
Oh I remember, I closed that window an hour ago