The Bump in the Night

Friday, August 20, 2010

Are Fairie Folk Ghosts?

In the mid-1990's I received a call from a woman whose daughter was an anorexic. This daughter was only 14 yrs old and having visions of "something" in her room and the mother wondered if there was a connection to some sort of ghost activity. The mother also wondered if the "visual disturbances" were a side effect of the daughter's anorexic illness. Clearly this made me nervous to think they wanted me to diagnosis a medical problem. Her anorexic medical issue was serious and clearly this young woman's health was in jeopardy. Though I was hesitating to investigate, at the mother's insistence, could I have just a look at what was happening in her room. Well sure enough, as the mother suspected, I found a group of lighted energy beings in her daughter's room.
The next big question was "what sort of activity" was this in her room? The daughter claimed these energy beings were telling her to kill herself. As I described my findings to the mother, she did recognize what I had seen as what she knew from what the daughter had told her.
The reason I brought this particular story up is what I saw next. Around the girl's window were some sparkly orbs moving about. Now normally I would just assume these were advanced spirit people not creating their entire physical form for me to recognize and tell the mom.
Oh no, something else! The girl had been asking for some help, but not from spirit family or ghosts, but from fairy kind! So, I identified these beings as "elementals" instantly created spirit folk. Created by her intense electrical energy of being a perfectionists and in emotional turmoil, these were "instantaneous beings".
I do believe that "fairy folk" can also be created by "earth electrical forces" and "spontaneous electrical lightening charges" almost like these electrical forces split creating "in-the-moment living beings".
Now an explanation to the above statement, when I moved my mind to these beings, I find instant singular thoughts and non-provoked actions from these life forms. Once I had an incredible experience of blending with a flying "bug", its thoughts were simple and non-flowing. I had no sense of its age, sex or sense of existence; just like from the flying "bug" I once had an incredible opportunity to blend with.
In some homes I have investigated, particularly one in Placerville CA, a young teenage girl living there was actually giving the poltergeist energy moving all the furniture around the house. Before I came to that conclusion, I fully investigated and found no uninvited ghosts or spirits living in the house at all.
The next conversation I had with the teen's mom was difficult; teen was emotionally delicate and was creating these beings to use as an excuse for attention and her illness.
I do not know how long these beings can exist without the continual living energy from the human host. I might add, this perhaps could happen more often in many ghosts investigations. The mother stated that her daughter after we talked and then then treated these beings as her children and that they glowed the most beautiful colors of frosted light blues and purples. Really an amazing phenomenon. The teen seemed to become happier thinking these were neither here to hurt or influence her life. She felt more in control.
I asked if she would have preferred this phenomenon to have been ghosts or spirits, she explained that the idea that she was responsible and created these beings was much more exciting.
We need to keep in perspective that there is more in heaven and earth than we can ever know and always be open to any possibility.