The Bump in the Night

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In a Coma or Dead, He came to Her

A woman in her 40’s came to visit and to ask about her career change and possible love relationship in her near future. 
As we sat down she mentioned how very happy and grateful she was, that she had a good job opportunity for a change of location and security.  She had recently moved from central California to Tucson Arizona six months ago.  So I gave her what I picked up and she was grateful.
There had been sadness in her immediate family and we were able to settle a couple of unfinished issues with some relatives.  I let her know a couple of spirit people where here with her and I described them visually to her. 
She sat back feeling good with the information and more secure with the choice to move and start a new life.  She gave a sigh.
As she sighed, a new spirit came into the room.  I was surprised that this man showed me his legs!  I thought, “Wow, he was a really thick muscled individual.”  The spirit man said, “Look at my big caves!”  Really?  Realizing that this man was meant for her I told her, “That he had these larger caves, not too tall and with an almost black shirt.”   He said he was a thicker man all over.  I saw his head but could not see any hair. 
I described him as a “huggy-built" man, dark to almost black shirt, around 5’9” in height.  She went a little pale, eyes got a blank look.  She said, “Is this a dead man?” 
Gosh, I assume this is a “dead” man.  Usually spirits who visit me are dead.
She signed again, and then admitted to me that one reason she transferred to Tucson was to move away for her “past”.  She told me of a bad relationship with a man who mentally controlled her, while getting her to support him. 
She just learned that this man moved also out of state to Alaska.  Just a week ago she learned the man had suffered a stroke three months back.  Someone she is acquainted with and knows this “ex” had just told her that for the last two weeks he had been trying to connect with him on Facebook.  He had been corresponding on a regular basis and then nothing.
“That is amazing!” I said to her. 
“Clearly this man has recently died and is visiting us and saying goodbye.  Letting you know he is now in spirit.”
As perplexed as she could possibly be, she said she did not want him to be here or to follow her around.  She was done with him in life and wanted to be done with him now, especially if he was dead!
Carefully I asked, “So your mutual friend told you that he had recovered enough from first stroke to get back on Facebook?  Then you believe two weeks ago, he had a second stoke?  And that is why, this mutual friend then could not touch base with him?”
She was anxious to find out and asked to end the session to make some calls.  Later that day, after I had looked at his Facebook page and saw that nothing else had been sent off from him, I accessed the Obituary of his area and I found nothing.
I called her the next day and talked to her again.  She was not able to find time to research further.  She did make the comment that more than likely he had not worked, was a hermit type of person and possibly if he did pass no large notice would have been made.
She noted again, that all the descriptions and the way he talked through me sounded just like him.  She then added that he had a shaved head that is why I could not see hair. 
“How would you like this blog to end?”  I asked her.  A pause and then I added.  “I do believe that people who are in a coma can come to visit or say ‘good by’ before death.  I had seen this several times in all these years.  This is a question not often asked of me, but clearly a natural process.” 
She added that she does believe this is him, but wants to be reserved not to absolutely declare him dead as though it could create negative Karma.  She feels it is also possible that he could be in a coma.  The bottom line is that he did appear and we both got the impression that he was ‘soft’ toward her and not in a ghost-haunting spirit way.  A ‘soft’ impression gives me the thought that he was kind towards her, another term could be ‘forgive me’.  Yes, a big assumption, yet he did love her but mistreated her.  Now in spirit he wanted to let her know he was sorry.
How is it that this spirit knew to show on the day this lady scheduled a session with me, on her particular day off from work?  Well, her other relatives also came for a visit so they knew also.  She had wanted to know they were in her life, but she had not thought of him for months so clearly she had not invited him to show up during her session. 
My thoughts are this, at the time of his first stroke; he might have left his body and looked for her to say "good by".  At the time of his second stroke, and possible death he might have impressed upon her to find someone who would recognize him and give her a message.
In a future blog, after we are able to confirm out what has happened to him, I will let you know.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spirit Pets Play Together in the Afterlife

A couple of young women came for a visit with me to talk on a couple of different topics.  They came together to give each other support since they had never talked to a psychic medium before.
Minutes before they came I had a sense one of them was under either stress or experiencing grief.  I see both situations represented by a gray-colored smoke-looking energy circling the person’s body. 
As usual, cookies and water was put out for them when they arrived.  Hearing their car doors open and close, I opened the front door and sure enough saw the shorter of the two ladies had grayness surrounding her body.  Ok, she is the one.  I’ll need to sort out the problem.
I briefly talked to them, had them laughing at a couple of my stories to relax them and started talking to the taller lady.  Talking to her and answering her questions easily satisfied both of them.  Asking again if she had any more questions she said she was done and turned my attention to the shorter lady with the grayness around her.
We started her session with me mentioning that she had some family questions and wanting to know about a deceased relative.  That deceased relative did come to us and satisfied her wanting to know how she was doing.  Talking of children and her husband we finished her questions and we paused.
Then I asked her, “Are you seriously grieving the relative you lost just over a year ago?”  She replied, “Well no, I am at peace with her passing.”  I described how I had thought of her before she came and did notice the grief surrounding her body and it was still there as we sat.  I asked who else she had lost; she looked straight ahead as in thinking about my question.  The taller lady looked at her and almost yelled, “What about Bear?”  The shorter lady looked stunned!  Her eyes reddened and she was speechless.  The friend told me of her friend’s life, 15 years earlier after her divorce she purchased a puppy, they had greats years together and then he had died a year ago.  She was still profoundly grieving her companion! 
She asked about him and what he was doing.  I described a dog I was viewing and she confirmed yes that was him, and asked, “Where is he?”  I said he was not in the room with us, but at a front or back yard with a long hedge running along the left side of the property line.  It appears that he is digging holes all around that yard, but particularly at the end of the hedge toward the back property line. 
The dog had a sense of me and started digging at the end of the hedge and then turning around and around and playfully barking at a group of other small animals.  All this activity was being done at the end of the hedge area at the end of the property.  
Both ladies were squirming around in their chairs and getting excited with my answers.  Both ladies were talking at once.  Bear had been an active digger and particularly liked to sleep in the hedge area just as I described.  Out the back door to the left the full length of the property, where the shorter lady still lived. 
Then the shorter lady added, “We buried him at the end of that hedge at the back of the property.  We also buried all our other deceased small pets in the same corner!” 
Bear was playing with the three other smaller spirit pets that she had lost in the years living at this house! 
Needless to say even I was surprised!  This is the first time in all these years working as a psychic medium consultant that I described the pets who are deceased, dying years apart, yet still connected!   It is so comforting to think we can have our pets enjoy their home after death, but even more surprising they can continue to play together in the same location in their yard. 
What a joyous revelation!  Thank you Bear for getting your owner here today to talk to me and assist her to recover from losing you and happy that she truly never lost you.  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spirit Mom gives a Gift at Christmas 2010

Over 30 years ago, while I was working at Pac Bell in Sacramento California, I met my friend Paula.  We were talking recently and I suggested for fun she should learn to intuit with a Tarot Desk of Cards.  I look at Tarot Cards for the fun and beauty of the designs, as the art work is usually unique and very beautiful.  I encourage new psychic students to practice using Tarot cards to developing their psychic hunches.
Shopping the last week in November for Christmas Gifts, I found a ‘gift box’ of “Discover Yourself” techniques with a small Tarot Desk of Cards.  The entire box was in beautiful reds, oranges and designs for the beginner intuitive to have lots of fun.  Thinking of my friend and my suggestion, I gladly thought this would be a fun to receive gift from me to her.
Getting home I looked at the box again and thought secondly that perhaps Paula would think this material was too young for her.  The contents looked to be geared to teenage girls.  Thinking I should get my friend a different holiday gift, I put this kit aside.
A few days later I got a call from “D” saying that her sister’s year death day was the 9th of December and that she and her two sisters would like to come over to see how “L” was doing. 
A couple days later she called to say that “L’s” 15 yr. old daughter would bring along her best friend and the group total would be five.  I hung up the phone and started thinking about the mother and had such a strong sense that the gift that I had put aside would be perfect for her daughter! 
Well!  I bought some cookies and had small water containers ready for the ladies on Thursday the 9th.
I always enjoy talking to small groups, as each participant afterward can easily remember more to help each other understand better the messages given.
So, as we had all sat down, my first thought was to talk to the oldest sisters and explain to them about how I started;  my afterlife beliefs to relax them and for them to please enjoy our visit.
I glanced at the daughter and to her deceased mother standing behind her.  Instantly, I remembered the gift, and it was very clear to me presenting the gift was how I would begin the group session. 
So, today’s session was to start with a Christmas Gift to “L’s” 15 yr. old daughter.  
I told the daughter about how I purchased the gift for my friend, brought it home, and decided to put it aside.  Having just released my hand on the gift, “L” made her presence known to me and suggested I give it to her daughter.  What really surprised me was the Mom’s thoughts directed to me, “She is having trouble figuring herself out, and I am not there to help.  This is “my” Christmas Gift to her.” 
Really?  Wow!
Telling the daughter this, the Mother’s energy was soft and embracing not only to the daughter but also to me at the same time.  We all rushed to find the tissue box for the daughter to wipe her eyes.  She (Mom) was sorry she was not with her during her troubling times, that this gift was to let daughter know she (the Mom) was still in her daughter’s life.
After talking to the rest of the family and they left, I paused and reflected at the Mom’s ability to direct me to buy something for her daughter for Christmas.  Clearly, I am impressed by the love of this Spirit Mom to her child and how regretful she is for not being there for her.  In our daily lives I wonder how often do we get a message from Spirit and parley that into an action or gesture to let the living know of their presence.  Perhaps that idea to help us in our career or to say “love you” to someone just because, from our constant family in spirit. 
Perhaps that “thought” you just received is a soft spoken suggestion from our spirit guides or spirit family, to let us all be comforted in knowing we are not alone.